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How to Clean Your Mahogany Antiques

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The best way to maintain the beauty of mahogany antiques is by cleaning these pieces the proper way. Many times, these pieces have been in the family for years, and depending on the shape that they arrive to our households, the task will be an easy one or not. Mahogany antique furniture that has been passed down comes with a rich history behind it. This is one of the reasons why it is important to preserve its beauty and shape – so it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations of the same family, and sharing its rich past. Whether it is a set of antique tables, a mahogany bookcase, sideboard antiques, desks antiques, or wardrobe antiques, these “full of rich history pieces” will make a delightful addition to any décor. The number one rule is to match the piece to the mood of the décor. In the case of a handed down piece that does not match the current décor, but is a valuable piece (whether in monetary or sentimental historic value), a person has two choices – to change the entire décor of the room to match the piece (something very unlikely to happen), or to make that piece the main focus. In this case, the piece will stand in a prominent area and be the center of attention. Trying to blend the piece into the existent décor may work, if the person uses the correct accessories on it, but is not always guaranteed to work. Instead of trying to hide the piece, why not enhance it and showcase it?


To preserve these valuable pieces cleaning is key. Dusting frequently is important, as dust can accumulate, and blending with skin oils will produce spots on the mahogany. Avoiding harsh cleaning chemicals, direct sunlight, and moist areas is necessary to preserve the wood’s beauty and rich patina.


Using clean soft rags to dust and protect the piece is important. Flannel works well. Do not use any fabrics that will have anything on them that will scratch the wood. Some recommend the use of mineral spirits to clean mahogany, but you can also buy a cleaning protectant wax to do the job. The wax or liquid cleaner will get rid of dirt while leaving the surface protected against dirt and fingerprints – it will leave a barrier of protection. It is important not to misuse these cleaners, or overuse them. Once a month cleaning with a furniture wax will do the job. However, dusting must be done regularly so the dust does not accumulate on the surface and create spots.


In the case of spilling something on the wood, it is important to act quickly and clean the area. If the spill caused wood damage (alcohol, glue, nail polish, nail polish remover …), then the area will have to be polished and refinished. This task is better left to an antiques’ professional, especially if it is a valuable antique.


Using care while handling mahogany antiques will lessen scratches and will keep the finish in best shape. If scratches occur, there are fillers in the market that match the color of the wood. These are similar to crayons, but must be applied with care and trying to match the color as best as possible. A professional better restores valuable antiques. These are some tips to keep your mahogany antiques looking their best for years to come. 


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